(English) Valuation of Scientific Inventions of Latin America Report 2021

Why the Latin American Patent Valuation Report: The report offers the valuation of patents by country and by technology sector in Latin America. Using the indicator valuation methodology, the value of the patent portfolio of the TAM of Universities and R&D Centers of Latin America that exceeds USD 100 will be sought. A free downloadable summary version and a full version will be offered that will contain in-depth analysis, the concept of experts by some countries and ways of using the information contained. Currently, there is no compendium of the valuation of Latin American patents of this type on the market.



LicenciArte, the Legal-Tech pioneer in Latin America in the generation of collective knowledge to exponentially maximize the commercial validation of scientific inventions in the region and transfer them to international markets, in collaboration with the Colombian-Chilean company Discovery & Watch, an expert in acceleration of businesses from strategic information, technological surveillance and business intelligence join forces with the purpose of identifying and making the valuation of inventions, the result of the continent’s research, more transparent.

This work seeks to compile for the first time the probable value of scientific inventions by means of indicator comparison techniques and Artificial Intelligence supported in bibliometrics. In this way, to obtain transparent, comparable results and show a quantitative panorama of the efficiency of the Science, Technology and Innovation actors among the countries of our Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our purpose is to generate a first source of information for scientists- innovators, directors of technology transfer offices or the like, directors of universities, governments, companies and interested parties who wish to participate in technology transfer processes, either by licensing patents, purchasing them, acquiring a spin-off, The vision of LicenciArte is to create the first and largest patent pool (Patent Pool in English) to export knowledge to developed markets.

This report is the first step to diagnose how we are as a continent in commercial terms of inventions. We hope that this report will inspire other actors in the ecosystem to do more research on this topic.

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Licenciarte es una startup pionera en la comercialización de invenciones en Latinoamérica.  


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